Markata is a leading sales and marketing advisory firm with a specialty in helping our clients find new customers and build brand loyalty through data-driven insight.  We are proud to call the 'City of Brotherly Love' our home.

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At Markata, we believe that every firm needs a game plan in order to win and sustain a competitive advantage in their respective market. The problem for most firms is that they often build a game plan on little to no data input, or question which data is most valuable, or even worse, leverage the wrong data to establish their firm’s strategy.

The concept of using “data” to help drive strategy is a broad one and gathering and analyzing data is not always simple. Your firm may be asking – Which metrics do we track? What platforms do we use? What companies should we evaluate? How much do we need to spend? – we get it, its complex and there is a lot of uncertainty however the best companies in the world have got this down to a science and the idea of creating sustainable, profitable, and predictable growth is possible with the right guidance.

Leverage our expertise

Markata’s expertise in leveraging data to craft winning sales and marketing strategies help our clients uncover new opportunities, drive top-line revenue growth, and establish strong brand loyalty while providing an excellent customer experience.

Building strong relationships is something I’ve always had a knack for; whether it’s been within my community or in my professional career and for as long as I can remember, technology and marketing have always captured my interest. Over the past decade, I have been fortunate to have held numerous sales positions with multiple Fortune 100 technology companies and my passion for helping my clients achieve success has always remained at the forefront of my mission.

The experience gained during my enterprise sales career has fortified my belief that the ability to create a competitive advantage for my clients is vital to their success. The world today has put increasing pressures on firms to exceed expectations and constantly seek out new ways to add value.  With the advancement of technology in recent years and plethora of big data at our disposal,  a paradigm shift is happening right before our eyes and truly revolutionizing the way firms are competing.  The unfortunate reality with all these new tools and information is that it often presents new challenges and firms are seeking expertise on how to navigate.  This is ultimately what is what led me to the founding of Markata because I know we will help our clients achieve success by utilizing a formula I have practiced throughout my career. Through a transparent discovery process, finding the win-win solutions to our clients’ needs is paramount. At Markata, we approach problem solving by thinking differently, utilizing best-in-class technology, and finding new perspectives to create a competitive advantage. 

I invite you to further explore Markata and look forward to the opportunity to help your organization win and achieve outstanding results, together.

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At Markata, we believe in giving back.  We do this by providing exceptional service to our clients and in our community but also through our philanthropic efforts. We are passionate about improving the lives of others and believe in the practice of paying it forward.

That is why we've created The 1% Fund – a program in which our clients elect the charity or organization of their choice in which we will donate 1% of all pre-tax earnings.

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