Onward and upward...

Onward and upward...

First and foremost, I wanted to personally welcome you to Markata.  Our mission is simple: Discover Opportunity, Drive Transformation and Deliver Results for our clients.

With our extensive track-record of success in enterprise sales and B2B marketing, we’re confident in our ability to provide our clients with the expertise and guidance to help them navigate the challenges facing their organizations and we want to help take our clients to the next level to help them achieve success. 

Part of our uniqueness within the market is that we focus on leveraging best-in-class marketing technology, combining rich customer data, and incorporating sales optimization strategies to create a winning game plan for our clients.  Markata specializes in three core areas of expertise including Sales Optimization, Marketing Services, and Customer Analytics.  By combining our expertise across these three areas we offer a holistic approach to creating a clear path forward for our clients to identify its competitive differentiators. Ultimately, if their goal is to grow top-line revenue, retain the most loyal customers, or simply create a sustainable, profitable, and predictable growth model, our primary objective is to help you achieve your mission.

What spurred this idea of creating an organization that combines Marketing + Data = Markata; is that the today's tools especially for marketing technology are widespread and our clients are seeking guidance on how to best utilize the vast ecosystem.  In most cases, our potential clients are not utilizing all the available resources and even worse, the approach is often fragmented or misaligned from the sales organization.  Markata understands the big picture which is why we’ve ventured to bring unique value to simplify this approach and develop a game plan for success.

We hope we have the opportunity to work with your firm and show you how we can win together.

Onward and upward, 

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Dan Stratton

Founder & CEO, Markata

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