It is 6-7X more costly to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer. 

Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs

At Markata, we are relentlessly focused on how we help our clients create a competitive advantage and there is almost no more impactful component to an organization's success then their approach to and implementation of a customer success-centric model.  Think of Starbucks, Apple, and Google -- these organizations have created what we call attitudinal loyalty in their respective industries that they have a stream of loyal, recurring customers who are willing to continue to buy their products and services.  Given Markata's expertise in utilizing data, we take an quantitative and empirical approach to developing a customer centric-success plan for our clients utilizing these 3 key focus areas:

  1. Driving Top-line Revenue with Existing Customer via Renewals/Churn Reduction or Upsells
  2. Analytics-focused: Data provides insight and allows optimization (I.e. How much time to spend servicing happy vs. unhappy customers)
  3. Proactive and Predictive: Instead of responding to customer issues when they arise we leverage predictive analytics to create a better overall experience

Contact us today and let us help your organization determine how to implement a winning customer success model.

At Markata, we believe in the power of uniting the internal teams of an organization to drive towards a common goal; specifically the sales and marketing teams. Our industry-industry-recongized sales enablement practice is focused on maximizing the sales-team performance based on the underlying efforts from the marketing organization.  It is in fact the primary objective of the marketing team to attract clients and then ensure the sales team is enabled with accurate information to convert those leads into paying customers and nurture them throughout the customer lifecycle. Our practice not only develops a formula for success but also establishes transparency and cross-functional collaboration.

Markata’s sales enablement methodology will help your organization achieve the following:

  1. Shorter Sales Cycles

  2. Convert More Leads = Increased Close Ratios

  3. Build Stronger Relationships with Clients

  4. Develop unified sales and marketing collaboration

team collaboration5

The alignment between sales and marketing organizations is paramount and according to a recent study by Aberdeen Research showed that companies who align sales and marketing efforts are 6X more successful that those companies and on average experience a 20% growth in annual revenue, compared to a 4% decline in laggard organizations.

20 percent growth

Effective sales enablement not only brings the sales and marketing teams together, but includes input from the entire organization. Contact us to find out how Markata's sales enablement practice can help enable your sales and marketing organizations operate more efficiently.