We understand the challenges that face today’s marketers and small business owners especially when faced with the how to maximize the ROI of their current marketing technology stack or if they're starting from scratch. Which marketing automation platform will yield the best results for their organization? The marketplace is complex, crowded, and confusingso how do marketers and small business owners find the ideal mix of the right marketing technology that will best suit their clients?  With our expertise of the marketing technology environment we take the complex and make it simple providing our clients with a one-stop shop for guidance on which marketing technology is the best fit for their business or expertise on how to utilize the existing marketing technology they've already deployed.

Our 3-step approach evaluates the following criteria:

  1. How effective is your current marketing strategy?

  2. What is the average cost for your business to acquire a new customer?

  3. Determine what type of campaign would be most effective for your business

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One of the biggest challenges facing today's businesses is how they should properly engage with their customers across various social media platforms. What platforms are most effective?  How much should we invest? Regardless of their choices, the messaging to their existing and potential customers needs to be consistent across all platforms and more importantly they need to be responsive when customers are engaging with their brand. Social media is one of the few platforms thats provides an open forum for real-time, two-way communication between businesses and customers and businesses across the world are taking notice of its effect on generating revenue. It's no surprise that social media has become an increasingly important tool for marketing ROI.

82% of marketers agree that social media marketing is core to their business

Source2016 State of Marketing - Salesforce Research 

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At Markata, we design all our client's campaigns with one primary objective, create a meaningful ROI, and in there has not been a better platform in the modern age than social media to engage with customers.  Our clients are seeking a competitive advantage and our approach to social marketing focuses on aligning a focused social media marketing strategy with other social activities such as customer service to create an exceptional end customer experience.  

Platforms supported:

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